Global Supply and Services is the worldwide company in minimizing equipment and asset downtime, providing maintenance, inspection and repair. We provide critical services to our customers that enable them to maintain and operate their facilities and equipment in a safe and productive manner. Our line of specialized industrial services includes ship repair, welding, field machining, technical bolting, pipe repair, insulation, telecom services and etc. Team's services and parts are backed and manufactured by our highly-trained, highly-skilled, certified Team colleagues. We recognize that success is ultimately measured by our customers’ trust and confidence, which can only be earned through continuing outstanding service. Call us today to find out how Team will provide you continued outstanding service to help support your operations safely, effectively and efficiently.

Electrical Services
Safety in Design

Our safe design approach begins in the conceptual and planning stages. By analysing and assessing potential faults and proposing safety requirements up-front we ensure the safety of the finished product in each of the lifecycle phases.

MCC and Control Panels

Experience working in hostile environments such as offshore platforms, quarries and chemical plants has enabled Global Supply and Services to provide robust Motor Control Panels and Motor Control Centres with high Ingress Protection ratings and manufactured to suit their surrounding environment.

Process Control/System Integration

Efficient Process Control Systems are a key element in achieving effective operation and accountability in modern process and manufacturing industries.

Service and Breakdown Cover

We recognise the need to have a competent service facility on hand to rectify faults quickly and safely, and keep downtime to a minimum.

Power Distribution and Networks

Global Supply and Services offers a complete solution for LV and MV Power Distribution Systems including full project management, discrimination studies and circuit design.

Welding Services
Welding & Fabrication

We accomodate large and small scale projects for oil and gas, construction and other heavy industries, building a reputation as a high quality and professional service provider. The diverse clientele we service means that Global Supply and Services can complete one off projects, high volume production runs and large scale industrial projects.

Material Processing

Our company began as a materials processing shop and it still accounts for a large portion of our work. In this industry, your capacity and capability is determined by the people you employ and the equipment at your disposal. We are offering next material processing services: Forming (Cones, Brake shapes, Light structural, Sheet & Plate), Beveling (Plates), Thermal cutting (Plasma, Oxy-Acetylene), Shearing (sheet and plate), Abrasive Cutting (Waterjet, Bandsaw), Rolling (Sheet and plate, Light structural)

Drafting & Design

Customers approach us with a vision or an idea, requiring a little extra help with design or drafting to complete the job. Whether it is a very large product or a high volume requirement, or a custom single product execution, Global Supply and Services has the experience to do it right, the first time. We work in the latest version of 3D Design and Fabrication software to allow our customers to visualize their projects before we start any work on the shop floor. This allows us to catch costly errors in a digital environment where changes can be made easily.

Painting and Blasting services
High pressure water blasting/cleaning

Our industrial cleaning services remove dirt, scale, or unwanted materials from surfaces and structures, including sewers, drains, tanks, floors, marine vessels, bridges, buildings, manufacturing plant facilities and other amenities. Here is our pressure water blasting/cleaning services: Pipe and tube cleaning, Tank and vessel cleaning, Surface preparation, Removal of protective and surface coatings, Hydro excavation, Column and tower cleaning, Cold cutting in hazardous environments and etc.

Surface Preparation/Sandblasting

We have the resources to address your surface preparation requirements. We utilize coal slag, cobb, glass and steel shot blasting. Along with robotic and blast trac self contained systems, pressure, steam and chemical cleaning, power and mechanical methods of surface preparation. In a constantly changing regulatory environment and with new technologies emerging, you can count on Global Supply and Services experience to ensure your surface preparation project is performed accurately and safely. We understand that every client's needs are different and we can tailor a solution to your surface preparation challenge. Plus, we'll bring the expertise to provide the latest environmentally sensitive methods to accomplish your objective.

Protective Coatings

From structural steel and piping in house to manufacturing facilities, chemical plants and refineries, in your factory or at our location, we have distinguished ourselves as a progressive company with the resources to handle any size job. When it comes to industrial painting, coating requirements, new construction capital projects or routine maintenance, Global Supply and Services Company is your preferred partner. Your long term assets are valuable and protecting them is our top priority, adding value and reducing maintenance costs. In the short term, our company has the labor force and resources to perform client projects driven by schedule, budget, experience, technology, economies of scale or project specific parameters. Give us your challenge and we will help you develop a solution.

Insulation Services
Thermal Insulation

Our company is offering many functions ranging from preventing heat loss, heat gain and providing personnel protection, whatever the requirement the correct choice for the application is paramount. We can advise on the correct selection of the most appropriate insulation requirement and advise on thicknesses to meet your requirements.

Cryogenic insulation

Cryogenic insulation is a specialised application due to the extremes of temperature that can be found in the systems used. The successful control of condensation and ice formation is dependent on the correct application of the insulation and vapour sealing of the insulation especially to the joints around flanges and valve positions. The correct choice of insulation and vapour barrier is essential to the successful operation of the system. Global Supply and Services have many years of experience of applying a range of insulation notably, Foamglass, Nilfam, Nitrile Rubber and various vapour barriers to chemical process systems, chilled water and nitrogen lines and equipment.

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustics is a complex and diverse subject, for what is considered to be noise by one person can be perfectly acceptable to another. It therefore can be considered to be subjective where individuals are concerned and the solutions to a problem may be equally as diverse. From a legal requirement, the need to reduce sound levels to an acceptable level is defined by legislation. High levels of noise are often the unwanted by products of human activity. There is no safe noise level, even though it is considered that levels less than 80 decibels do not have a detrimental effect on aural sensors. Global Supply and Services have undertaken work on a wide range of projects to limit noise emissions and transmissions on buildings, industrial pipework, vessels and equipment within the Gas and Water Industry as well as more commercial and office environments.

Ship Repair Services

Our company provide maintenance and repairs for a wide range of on board equipment, including: engines, generators, gear boxes, propellers, stern tube seals, pumps, purifiers, compressors, boilers, steam installations, fans, turbo chargers, fresh water makers and water treatment systems, condensers and heat exchangers, winches, cranes, electric motors, stabilisers, thrusters, and steering and DP systems.

Repair and maintenance of diesel engines

Service activity includes all works on diesel engines and appurtenant equipment and systems such as turbochargers, governors, fuel injection equipment, engine remote control and engine protection systems. Global Supply and Services is equipped with tools and devices for diagnosis of diesel engines. Service also carries out machining, repair and renewal of damaged parts of diesel engines. Our service squads provide diesel engine service in all locations in Baku and around Absheron, in ports and during the ships voyages. Our service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and can reply promptly to clients demands in the case of emergency.

Injection pump and governor service

Our company is equipped with two test benches for high-pressure fuel pumps with maximum prime mover output of 22 kW (12 cylindres) and various tools and devices for servicing high-pressure fuel pumps and fuel injection equipment. Our Service repairs high-pressure fuel pumps of leading producers: BOSCH, ZEXEL, YANMAR, TORPEDO, etc.).

Telecom Services
Wireless Networks

Wireless Ethernet networks can create site-wide connectivity, enabling mobile workers to stay connected to the process, as well as extending control system connectivity to stranded assets via wireless instrumentation. A robust wireless infrastructure also provides the backbone to implement man-down monitoring systems to permit the tracking of personnel and contractors to be accounted for in emergency situations. Our company is able to provide to customers high quality wireless services.

Process Control

Reliable Process control networks are critical to plant uptime, safety and timely production data exchange with back office ERP and MES systems. Optimizing existing infrastructure or properly building new network segments can ensure the control system as a whole performs as required. The Global Supply and Services team offers experienced advice and professional design services to assist you in reaching your productivity, reliability and security goals. Our company can handle all phases of a Process Control Network infrastructure project, from designing a world class architecture, to installing and commissioning the system onsite.

Enterprise Data Integration

Data Integration Services is a critical and complex service for industrial IT networks. As the need for industrial data integration for corporate visibility expands, presenting instrumented data from multiple sources in a homogeneous data model becomes critical. Industrial networks are commonly comprised of a variety of PLCs, meters, sensors, RTUs, networking protocols and SCADA systems, which creates a challenging environment for unified database and application standards.